Live Webinar: The Road to the New Normal ⁠— Safety, Psychology & Risk

Understanding why your people don’t engage with your safety tools, the risks associated with the return to a ‘new normal’ and what you can do about it

Wednesday 29 July, 2020  |  12pm AEST / 10am AWST / 2pm NZST

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The uncertainty created by current events, including COVID-19, has led to increased stress, distraction and anxiety in the workplace. And while we may find ourselves on the road to a ‘new normal’, many organisations still need to navigate change, challenge and uncertainty on a daily basis. There’s no more important time than now for workers to be able to recognise hazards and make helpful choices around safety. But with increased distractions at work and at home, such as threats to job security and ambiguity of what’s next, workers are at increased risk of incident and injury. So, how do you ensure that your people make conscious safe choices every day, even in times of challenge and uncertainty?

In many organisations, workers adopt a ‘tick and flick’ approach to risk assessment tools and processes. This compliance behaviour stems from unhelpful attitudes around the risk assessment process and can be challenging to address. To shift behaviour, we need to unpack the attitudes leaders and workers have around risk assessment tools and processes. Only with helpful attitudes and a positive mindset around safety will we see workers truly engage in the risk identification and management process, particularly during challenging periods.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the impact of hindering attitudes towards risk assessments and how leaders can influence more helpful attitudes. We’ll explore leadership strategies and techniques to shift worker attitudes, and also dive into the organisational processes that can contribute to unhelpful attitudes within the business.

Session Outcomes:

- Explore the impact of unhelpful attitudes around risk assessment processes on safety performance

- Explore how to improve organisational processes and leader behaviour to influence worker attitudes towards risk assessments

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Sentis CEO, Anthony Gibbs

As CEO, Anthony is responsible for leading Sentis on its mission to change the lives of individuals and organisations for the better every day. He has worked with thousands of people, across hundreds of organisations globally, to develop safety culture solutions that support strategy and enable the person component to reach its full potential.

Anthony has been committed to the application of psychology to enhance human performance for over 15 years and his background as a psychologist managing addiction and chronic mental health treatment facilities has informed his cognitive-behavioural insight. Regarded as a dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker, Anthony has presented globally on safety, leadership, wellbeing and organisational performance

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